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House Tour | Celebrating One Year In Our New Home!


December 14, 2018

The blog post that so many of you have requested–it’s finally here! I cannot believe that Jeremy and I moved into this beautiful house exactly a year ago today. The move was a crazy adventure: I was violently ill the night before we were closing and were planning on moving in. I woke up the next morning with zero energy, a van full of boxes and furniture, but an excitement that I couldn’t even begin to describe. Jeremy and I always dreamed of having a home that was warm and inviting and that we could fill with friends and family and create the best memories together.

Our very first house together after we got married was a rental and was appropriately dubbed The Green House. No, not because it was made entirely of glass and filled with plants (which, if were true, would all be dead no thanks to my non-existent green thumb), but because it was painted green…like Kermit-the-Frog-who-decided-that-color-was-a-good-idea-green. Some of my best memories were in that tiny little 800 square foot house, from living out our first few years as husband and wife, to building my business, to welcoming three of the most adorable fur babies into our family. But we knew that it was time to take the next steps to buying our first house and having a place to call our own, so we began our search. We came close to buying a house, but the Lord quickly closed that door to protect us. It was crushing, but we knew that there was something better waiting for us. That’s when we learned about a new neighborhood that was being developed and still had land available. I still remember sitting in my favorite local coffee shop, talking with Jeremy on the phone and saying, “Well, why not at least check it out?” We never once dreamed we would ever build our next home, but when the perfect opportunity arose, we took the leap, and a year later, here we are!

I’ve always loved home decor and transforming a blank space into a cozy living area. Being a creative person, it’s another way that I can use my creativity outside of my job, and I absolutely love it! You’ll notice a trend throughout the house–I LOVE neutrals. Apparently, living in a bright green house subsequently makes you hate all color, except for maybe a few pops of blue. I also love playing around with textures and adding a lot of natural elements into a space. And of course, no room is complete without photos up on the walls!

Today on the journal, I want to share with you our house as it is today. Decorating a home is an ever-evolving process, and it’s certainly not where I wish it could be. But I wanted to share the highlights of some of my favorite spaces in the house and what makes them so special!




When you first walk through the front door, to the right is my home office. So many ideas and dreams have come to fruition in this room, and I wanted to create a space that keeps me inspired day to day as I serve the most amazing clients and build my business!


Jeremy loves to cook and bake, so a big kitchen was always a dream of ours! I love how it opens up to the rest of the living space and how light and airy it is. Jeremy and I actually did the marble backsplash ourselves, and while I never wish to go through that process again (never put a perfectionist in charge of home improvement projects), I love the way it turned out!


I think our living room is the one room in the house that we haven’t done a whole lot to since moving in–we’re still using all the second-hand furniture we had in our old house, but we definitely want to invest in a big sectional couch in the near future to really fill out the space and create a cozy living area for watching movies and provide lots of seating for when we have friends and family over!


The dining room is one of my favorite spaces of the house because of our dining room table! My dad, Jeremy, and I built the table together and it’s a piece that I can’t wait to pass down to our children one day. We’ve already created so many great memories around this table, and I can’t wait to create many more in the future!


Our bedroom is still very much a work in progress, but it’s well on its way to becoming the peaceful and relaxing space that I want it to be!


Invest in some nice pieces of furniture, specifically for the living room

Switch out light fixtures

Set up guest bedroom

Create accent wall for bedroom

Create a cozy outdoor patio space

Hang more photos!


If you enjoyed this post and want to keep following our journey of homeownership and decorating our home, feel free to follow ourĀ Instagram!


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