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Calin & Hannah | Raleigh, North Carolina | Engagements


March 8, 2015

Excited, ecstatic, and overjoyed don’t even begin to describe how I feel right now as I write out this blog post. My beautiful older sister is engaged!! Yesterday was by far one of the most beautiful and emotional days of my life, and I could not feel more blessed to have had the opportunity to capture it all with my camera (even if it was behind blurred, teary eyes).

My two sisters, Hannah and Liz, and I started off the day by going to brunch and to the North Carolina Museum of History. But what was just supposed to be a morning out in Raleigh, turned out to have a surprise ending. Hannah had mentioned the Raleigh Rose Garden, where she and Calin shared their first kiss, and thought it would be a great place for photo shoots. So I suggested we go scout it out (with my camera, of course). When we arrived, however, the whole place was cleared out except for Calin, who was standing up on the stage of the amphitheater in the middle of the gardens. At the top of the stairs was a picture frame of Hannah and Calin early on in their relationship, two roses, and a letter titled “To Our Past.” Further down was another picture, more roses, and another letter titled “To Our Present.” The trail finally ended at Calin’s feet, where there was an empty picture frame and a letter titled “To Our Future.” After some tears and a lot of embracing, Calin got down on one knee, and I think you can guess what happened next!

Right after the proposal, I had the opportunity to take some photos of Calin and Hannah (AND the ring). I could not be more excited for these two. Calin is a wonderful person, and I could not think of a better man to love and take care of my sister. Can’t wait to get you two in front of the camera again for your actual engagement session! Love you both!


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